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Cyclone Ingird

What processes produce cyclones? how often do cyclones occur
What sequence of event occur in a cyclone?
how do cyclones affect the land?
how do cyclones affect economic and social status?
how can people increase or decrease the likelihood or effects of a cyclone
Cyclone Ingird
Cyclone Larry
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Hot air rises from the sea around the equator and starts spinning clockwise because of the earths rotation ( coliolis effect). This hot air then rises and more hot air is sucked beneath it causing Cyclone Ingrid

Cyclone ingrid came to life over the coral sea on the 3 March 2005. It had winds strong enough to be a catagory 4 storm but by the time it reached the australian coast near Queensland on March 10 it was only a catagory 3. The wind strength inside the eye of the storm reached up to 220 km/hr in a 20 km radius. remarkably cyclone Ingrid managed to come to life again after almost dissapearing on the 11 March over the Gulf of Carpentaria.

There was not much damage done and only minor flooding and wind damage occured but 5 people died when their boat over turned in winds, off the southern coast of Papua New Guinea. A small place called the Bush Camp at Faraway Bay was completely destroyed by the cyclone. 


path of cyclone ingrid

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