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how can people increase or decrease the likelihood or effects of a cyclone

What processes produce cyclones? how often do cyclones occur
What sequence of event occur in a cyclone?
how do cyclones affect the land?
how do cyclones affect economic and social status?
how can people increase or decrease the likelihood or effects of a cyclone
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Cyclone Larry
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Increase the effects:
  • Living in an area that has a high risk of cyclones.
  • No emergency plans or civil defence procedures.
  • No warning signals and no knowledge about cyclone and how they can effect people.
  • Bad contructions of buildings. Not cyclone proofed.
  • No insurance
  • badly developed infastructure
  • not willing to create new methods of damage preventation.


Decrease the effects:
  • Having a household emergency plan and survival kit.
  • Drill on what to do in a cyclone and civil defence procedures.
  • Using radars and satellites to track when a cyclone is most likely to occur. and send warnings so people can evacuate their homes.
  • More reserch about cyclones.
  • Creating cyclone proved buildings and inproving infastructure eg. roads.
  • Disable people being able to use areas which are prone to cyclones.
  • ot being near windows during cyclones. Putting up cyclones shutters
  • Planting a range of crops that can survive cyclones
  • Having insurance to make the financial loss smaller.

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