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how do cyclones affect economic and social status?

What processes produce cyclones? how often do cyclones occur
What sequence of event occur in a cyclone?
how do cyclones affect the land?
how do cyclones affect economic and social status?
how can people increase or decrease the likelihood or effects of a cyclone
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Cyclone Larry
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effects of a cyclone on the ecomomy
  • Less income from exports and general economic turndown. Many of the South-west pacific island ecomomys are based on cash crops eg. Coconut... Flooding and high winds can destroy all crops.
  • Cost of creating a new infastructure.
  • Not as many tourists ( short term effect)
  • Businesses closed down and people unemployed.
  • The development of a new, modern infrastructure and people are able to cope better in the future (possitive effect).

effects of a cyclone on social activities

  • loss of lives and death
  • finacial trauma because of loss of homes and people become worried that another cyclone will come and do futher damage.
  • loss of food suplies can lead to malnutrition. water contamination could occur and peoples health may be affected.
  • a good thing is that people come together and work as a team and community spirit can be strengthened.

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