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how do cyclones affect the land?

What processes produce cyclones? how often do cyclones occur
What sequence of event occur in a cyclone?
how do cyclones affect the land?
how do cyclones affect economic and social status?
how can people increase or decrease the likelihood or effects of a cyclone
Cyclone Ingird
Cyclone Larry
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Heavy rain fall and storm surges the areas most effected are lawland and coastal areas
soil and rock fall from places where heavy rainfall occurs in steep areas.
Impacts on soil
thick layers of silt settle on lowland areas by floods. Storm serges leave a layer of salt behind causing salinisation (build up of salt which can cause death of crops) of coastal soil.
Native plants are often destroyed by the high wind. Trees can be blown over.
Coastal erosion
storm surges and heavy seas may cause coastal eroion that could change the shape of the beaches.

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