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What processes produce cyclones? how often do cyclones occur

What processes produce cyclones? how often do cyclones occur
What sequence of event occur in a cyclone?
how do cyclones affect the land?
how do cyclones affect economic and social status?
how can people increase or decrease the likelihood or effects of a cyclone
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Cyclone Larry
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1. - Cyclones start over warm sea waters, the temperature needs to be 26.5 degrees or hotter.
    - Cyclones occur 5 to 20o north or south of the equator.
2. - Moisture is added to the air by the evaporation of sea water and starts spinning in a clockwise direction because of the earths rotation (Coriolis effect).
    - This hot air rises and more hot air is sucked beneath it.
    - Air currants force the air to spin faster and create a vacuum effect forcing more and more hot air in and pushing the spiraling colum of air Higher into the atmosphere.
    -Thunder storms also heat the air futher and allow more hot air to be sucked inside.
    - The clouds on the wall of a cyclone are usualy cumulonimbus.

diagram of cyclone

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